2012 Goals Implemented

The blue marks what I promised to do in 2012. Below states what I have done to achieve these goals:

- Protect Medicare and Medicaid for our seniors and our children: I have voted in favor of Medicaid expansion for our most vulnerable citizens. I have also helped many residents to sign up for health insurance.

- Support women’s rights: I voted for gender pay equity in New Hampshire (SB 207). I also voted in favor of a 25-foot buffer zone for all women’s health clinics (SB 219), a bill that passed with bi-partisan approval. This bill is currently being challenged in court.

- Support and promote our local businesses: In my Reports to Concord (Andover Beacon), I have promoted new businesses in our three communities. Personally, I am dedicated to employing only local contractors.

- Welcome businesses in our communities to expand our tax base and offset our property taxes: I have been a strong supporter of Ragged Mountain’s expansion, which would increase the resort’s property taxes to the town of Danbury.

- Stand up for public education: I voted for the bi-partisan 2014-2015 budget, which restored funding to UNH and local community colleges. I am a steadfast supporter of kindergarten in our elementary school districts.

- Protect our beautiful environment: I am in opposition of the Northern Pass, unless all lines are buried in the State’s right of ways. This will protect our scenic views and provide revenues to NH. I also voted for a wind farm moratorium and supported the town of Danbury’s 2 to 1 vote against wind farms in the well of the House of Representatives.

- I will be unrelenting in our quest for state and federal dollars for our towns. Let’s make our taxes for us! I have voted for Medicaid expansion in a bi-partisan bill (SB 413), which will repatriate hundreds of millions of dollars of our federal taxes money into our local economy.

-I also introduced HB 581, which resulted in the state of Massachussets paying NH $1,100,000 in flood control moneys. Half of this money went into state coffers; while the other half went into flood control towns, including Salisbury.

-Again, I have made sure that the 4.2 road toll increase resulted in new funds to our towns for municipal bridge and road repairs.