This is a list of my endorsements from the 2012 campaign. I will update this list in the coming weeks to reflect any changes for 2014.

Thank you to all who supported me:

David Karrick; Bill and Linda Kennedy; Andrew Hosmer; Donna and Phil Sprague, Huntoon Farm; George Turgeon, dba Stonewall Antiques; Gail and Pecco Beaufays; Ed Becker; Gerry Hersey; Melanie and Emile Shaw; Josh Barton; Victoria Mishcon; Debra Guinard; Reggie Roy; Dean Barker; Red Pilbin; Paul and Maria Glorioso; Myra Mayman; Alex Bernhard; Ed and Madelyn Constant; Stacey Viandier; Terri and Bob Leclerc; Robin Boynton; Linda Ray Wilson; Artelia Lyn Ellis; Janet Moore; Tom and Brenda Adams; Tim and Susan Norris; Kit and Chris Norris; Gail Henry; Ken Mailloux; Joe Schmidl; Kenneth D. Wells; Lee P. Wells; Katrina W. Wells; Christopher C. Wells; Mary Anne Broshek; Amy Schneider; Dane Loomer; Gisela and Steve Darling; Nan and Don Kaplan; Bob and Leslie Irving; Patty Pond; Mary Lou and Don Hinman; Ken and Nancy Tripp; Betty and Bill Bardsley; Nancy Teach; Dan Murphy, Chase Hill Plumbing; Jerry and Janet Bliss; Ed and Becky Hiller; Donna Baker Hartwell and Brad Hartwell; Bill and Chris Gealy; Gretchen Hildebrand; Carmelita Moe; Charlie Dyer; Mary Lyn Ray; Judith and Tom Brewer; Ethney McMahon and Claudio Marcus; Deborah Emeny; Albert P. Hill; Howard Jelleme; Chuck and Ginny Higgins; Frank and Mary Jurta; Ralph and Connie Ressler; Emily Furtkamp; Darrell Furtkamp; Tim Gallagher; Lois Magenau and Marcus Johnson; Sue and George Rochon; Erik Anderson; Sarah Anderson; Arthur Urie; Jim and Theresa Carter; Brian Kellog; Dennis Fenton; Eileen and Stanley Mackey; Samantha and Tom Mackey; Grace Stetson; Christiane Andrews; Peter Hattan; Anna Hattan; Deb Brower; Bill Chamberlin; Susan Nellen; Lynda Rayner; Diane Rice; Priscilla and Gene Poulin; Cindy Benson; Susan and Larry ChaseĀ