Bills Introduced in 2014 for 2015-2016 legislative session

I have filed three LSRs (Legislative Service Requests) for 2015. These bills are in the process of acquiring a house bill number:

  • Restore flood control funding for 2013, for which the flood control towns were never paid, including Salisbury. We received the 2012 funds this year.
  • A constitutional amendment for a four-year term for the governor. This bill has received support from many of my constituents of every political stripe. This would ensure a degree of stability in our political system. This would allow the governor to spend more time addressing the needs of the people and the state instead of spending time campaigning for re-election.
  • A campaign reform bill that would require 501 (C)4, 501 (C)5 and 501 (C)6 to disclose their donors. These so-called non-profit organizations have used a loophole in the IRS code to influence elections without any transparency. As far as I’m concerned, if these organizations take a stand in political campaigns, they should disclose where their funds are coming from.

I am always willing to listen to suggestions for further legislations. Please contact me with your thoughts.