2012 Campaign


In the past few weeks, I have met dozens of Danbury, Salisbury and Andover residents. I want to thank them for their courtesy and graciousness. Their message to me was loud and clear : ” We are tired of fruitless bickering ” We can agree to disagree on some issues, but we should concentrate on finding common ground.

I want to return to the old fashioned concept of service to our communities first and foremost. Keeping this in mind, I will:

- Hold monthly meetings . I will report on what is being done in Concord .You can express your concerns and enlist my help on specific matters such as: Small Business loans; Medicaid and Medicare problems; avoiding foreclosure ( help is available, call me); grants to farmers and anything else I can be of assistance with. I will also be available at reasonable times outside of these meetings.

-Work to return more of our Federal and State tax $$ to our communities. Education, roads and bridges are the biggest components of our towns’ budgets : I will be unrelenting in my quest to secure as much funding as possible from the Departments of Education and Transportation. These are our taxes , let’s make them work for us!

- Encourage and support our farmers by streamlining regulations and helping them get grants to expand. Local food is a growing business.( Ask me about USDA approved mobile slaughterhouses)

-Forge alliances with like minded Democrats and Republicans to get things done in Concord. I am heartened by the number of Republicans who have approached me to do just that. I plan to make compromise a virtue.

-Attract businesses to our communities in order to expand our tax base and stabilize our property taxes.

- Make sure that our educational system is adequately funded. I will work to restore the cigarette tax to that end.

Common sense is my guiding principle. My focus will be on our three towns.

I do want to hear from everyone. Contact me at MarioRatzki@gmail.com or 735-5440. (I have campaign signs available, please call me) I wish everyone a colorful Fall. I respectfully ask for your vote

Mario Ratzki