2014 Mid-term Elections

The 2014 mid-term elections are over! Thank you so much to the Andover, Danbury and Salisbury voters, who honored me by re-electing me for a second term. Your support and hard work make it all worthwhile.

State Representative Mario Ratzki


Member: Public Works and Highways Committtee

  • Capital Budget oversight
  • DOT oversight
  • 10 Year Plan

I am proud of my record for the state of New Hampshire and our three beautiful towns of Andover, Danbury, and Salisbury.

  • Introduced HB 581 which resulted in NH recouping $1,100,000 in flood control money, owed to us by the state of Massachussets. 50% of this money went into state coffers; and the other 50% went to flood control towns, including Salisbury.
  • Voted thrice to place $12,000,000 in the rainy day funds, despite pressure to divert these funds into other programs.
  • Voted for 4.2 cent increase in road toll. I made sure that all proceeds went into highway and bridge repairs. I fought for municipal road and bridge increases from 2016 to 2033. The increases were allocated in the following ways:

Andover: $204, 434 above original allocation

Danbury: $179, 074 above original allocation

Salisbury: $136, 345 above original allocation

  • I collaborated with Senator Forrester to allow for a new sign for Ragged Mountain. We also worked together to support USDA grants for Ragged Mountain for expansion projects (which would bring added revenues for Danbury in property taxes).
  • I sided with the 2/3 majority of Danbury voters, who had become disenchanted with wind farms. I voted for a wind farm moratorium.
  • I participated with a group of Danbury volunteers in favor of broadband expansion, a work in progress.
  • I made sure that an oustanding Andover volunteer, Ms. Irene Jewett, was recognized for her work by NH Governor Maggie Hassan.
  • I worked with the NH DOT to ensure the resurfacing of Highway 11 in Andover from Highway 4 to Old College Road.
  • I also worked with the DOT to make sure that the most critical parts of Highway 127 in Salisbury are repaired in 2014. This project has already started.
  • I am aware of the issues involving Blackwater Bridge repairs. Together with the Town Manager, the Board of Selectmen, and my colleague David Karrick, I am working closely with the DOT. The department has responded promptly and positively; and we hope that the project will be finished by the end of this year (weather permitting).
  • I responded promptly to Selectmen’s concerns about specific bills; and I followed their recommendations with my votes.
  • I organized a meeting with the DOT and friends of the Northern Rail Trail to secure 15 railway granite markers, which will be used on the Rail Trail.
  • I have supported local businesses by including them in my Reports from Concord, which are published monthly in the Andover Beacon.
  • I voted for an increase in the minimum wage. At the end of each month no family can sustain itself on $7.25/hour. They go to the state or federal government to make ends meet. We all end up subsidizing these multinational corporations for these programs ( and thank God for them) through our tax dollars. These are hard working families, who deserve our support.
  • I have supported casinos in the past, based on the revenues they could provide NH. However;

- With the closing
of 4 NJ casinos (8700 unemployed)

- With Delaware casinos asking
for tax breaks!

- With strong opposition for casinos
among my constituents

                              I will no longer support any casinos.

  • I have responded to all my constituents for help in signing up for health care, and unemployment, mortgage and school matters.

I believe that the single most pressing problem facing our towns is rising property taxes for everbody, especially for those on limited and fixed incomes. We must restore revenue sharing to our towns to alleviate this problem. There is no easy solution; and I am willing to consider any suggestions. I will continue to update this website as needed. You can contact me at 735-5440 or at marioratzki@gmail.com. Thank you for your continued support. I respectfully ask for everyone’s vote on November 4th.